Basic Types of Tiles Used For Bathrooms

Bathroom tiles can add an attractive, pleasant touch to any bathroom. These versatile pieces of hard-surface art are available in a huge variety of colors and textures to coordinate with any decorating scheme. It is important that the choice of the tiles should be done by following some basic design guidelines. This article provides a guide on what the different types of tiles can achieve in different bathroom designs.


Commonly used tiles include natural or flat tiles, marbles, and mosaic. Natural tile includes slate, ceramic tiles, limestone, granite, travertine, marble, soapstone, and water stone. Marble and soapstone provide striking effects for a bathroom. Multi-colored tiling is also common in bathrooms. There are many colors available, ranging from ivory to dark blue. Square tiles are popular for a bathroom and are also referred to as monotones, and they look best in small spaces.

Different types of mosaics provide some special effects when the tiles are fitted together. When this tile combination is correctly installed, it can create a completely new look for the bathroom. Such combinations include squares, tiles that have been arranged so that one tile is even with the other tiles, and combination tiles. Combination tiles can be purchased in different patterns and can blend well with other tiles. Tiling services can help the designer to choose the most suitable tile for their individual requirements.