4pc Bath Bombs Set, 4 Calming Scents Aromatherapy Bath Fizzers Set + Free Gift

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The Meditative Serene Soul Gift Set is just the thing for a complete system reset. Restore & go forward with these bath bombs formulated with our exclusive nutrient rich formula. Give the gift of wholesomeness. On target following the birth of a child or a surgical procedure; Just right for anyone facing significant decisionsCONTAINS FOUR SCENTED BATH BOMBS,lavender, mint ,yoga sunrise, green tea70g Lavender – Healing aid against common cold, flu & migraine70g Mint – Sharpen focus, combat irritation, alleviate congestion & aid digestion70g Yoga sunrise – Reduce anxiety & stress70g Green tea – Astringent & anti-aging properties Directions:Bath time…Is me time…~ Clear all bathtub clutter~ Place your phone on mute~ Dim or close the lights~ Light Candles [practice safety!]~ Play soft music~ Place a folded soft towel behind your head, neck, and shoulders~ Lean back in the bath tub~ Drop in your Freida Joe bath bomb~ Close your eyes~ Let the creamy frothy lather cascade all around~ Embrace the world with renewed vigor

  • Brand: Freida and Joe
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